Community with opportunities for development

C.O.T.R.A.S. LTD (Club Of The Rich And Successful) is an international advertising broker that provides an opportunity for career growth, building a business within the company and an opportunity to buy shares from companies, projects, production, as well as to become a co-founder of a company legally.

The main task and goal of COTRAS is to create a community of successful entrepreneurs and satisfied clients from all over the world who share the ability to motivate themselves and their environment, grow and help others grow!


COTRAS directions

We use various directions and tools not only for the development of each member within the community, but also for building our own business within the community.


Development and expansion of the international community in all countries of the world.

Club card

Club card to get the best conditions from partners.


Running your own online business in various areas and directions.

Career growth

Opportunity to grow within the community from member level to co-founder level.

Training and development

Training and events for the community members.

Cryptocurrencies and finance

Implementation of the best tools for making money in the cryptocurrency market.

Program cashback

Tools for getting cashback up to 80% when purchasing goods and services.


Creation and development of your own companies and projects from the community members.


Organization of trips and travels to interesting places on our planet.


More possibilities

Within the COTRAS community, each member gets the opportunity for personal development in all areas:

  • Access to the best tools for income growth.
  • Access to the community with the possibility of communication and networking.
  • Online and abroad training, career as a co-founder of the company.
  • Obtaining the status of a head and an official representative.
  • Possibility to do business without leaving your home or anywhere in the world - more time for yourself, family and friends.
  • Income and career growth that are inherited.

More technology

We strive for development through the use of the newest and most modern technologies in the field of personal growth, interaction and online business in various fields.

Our main vector for achieving our goals is blockchain technologies, online communications, online business tools, online services and high-quality online education for all Cotras members.

Core values

Our core values are sustainability, innovation, openness and mutual support for each other to grow and develop.


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